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Welcome to the Bee Smart beekeeping project

This website is one aspect of the education and training work offered by Tony Sandoval, a professional Apiarist and beekeeping educator and trainer.

Learning, Doing, and Having Fun

The basic premise of the Bee Smart beekeeping project is to learn by doing and have fun doing it.  If we’re not having fun, we’re doing it wrong.

I teach a variety of beekeeping classes through Metro Community College in Omaha and I am setting up the teaching apiary at Scatter Joy Acres.

Bee Smart works to help people gain practical, applied experience in hands-on beekeeping skills and build a community of people that are about education, conservation, and sharing positive experiences.

Become a “Beehooligan” and help rescue and relocate bees to safety, be part of a growing podcast, and collaborate to give non-beekeepers positive, fun experiences and information that will build a community of support that helps create and maintain a healthier and safer local environment for bees and people.

Big Bear’s Tip Jar

I don’t get paid directly for doing the things I do to help beekeepers, bees and people.  The money collected for the Beehooligans project goes directly to non-profit Scatter Joy Acres to support their efforts at animal and bee rescue.

If you would like to contribute anything to support my personal efforts in directing, coordinating and leading this project, you are welcome to toss a little something in over at my Patreon page.

Presentations and Classes


Options include;

A presentation table in which people can visit at will. Includes live observation hive, display of equipment, gear and photos of active bee conservation work to help people better understand what goes into my work.  This is a 4 to 8 hour setup.

Presentation 1: On bee conservation, what people can do to help and a q&a session. Presentation is 1 hour.
Presentation 2: On the importance and impact of beekeeping on the economy and modern food supply. 1 hr.
Presentation 3: On the history of bees and beekeeping.  1 hr.
Bee Smart classes: Offered onsite.  Actual beekeeping classes or Bee Spotter (native bees) classes available. Beekeeping Classes are 3 hours each, Bee Spotter classes re 2 hours each. (These are the same classes I teach at MCC and Lauritzen Gardens.)
I ask organizations and businesses to become sponsors of the Bee Smart beekeeping project on the Patreon page at the $50 or $100 or month levels.
The $50/month gets you any single presentation and listed as a sponsor on the videos and podcast episodes for each month as a supporter.
The $100/month gets you any one short presentation or class per month, 1 display table presentation and listed as a sponsor on the videos and podcast episodes for each month as a supporter. 
If a business simply can’t or won’t become a sponsor, there are stand-alone rates upon request.