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Welcome to the Bee Smart beekeeping project


This website is one aspect of the education and training work offered by Tony Sandoval, a professional Apiarist and beekeeping educator and trainer.

Combined with the beekeeping classes offered by Tony through Metro Community College in Omaha NE and and the training offered to interns and apprentices at the various apiaries managed by him this website will offer valuable resources to members of the website who will be able to access the Members Only areas for information, certification guides and and tests, online member forums to discuss ongoing issues and more.

Making A Transition

Currently this website is making the transition from a free content and access site to a paid membership site along the lines of a Triple A  offering, but for apiculture.  Paid members will have access to downloadable resources, instructional videos, direct Q & A and member forums and much more to help them achieve their apicultural goals successfully.

Please be patient as some content is moved, perhaps even disappears temporarily or becomes unavailable as it becomes part of the membership access areas.

This transition is expected to happen throughout the remainder of January and through February with the Members Access becoming fully in effect at the beginning of March 2018.

Membership has its privileges

Paid membership here at the Bee Smart beekeeping project is intended to be of the greatest benefit to those who are serious about their apicultural efforts in a professional or semi-professional capacity.

The main goal of the Bee Smart beekeeping project is to help apiarists achieve success in building and maintaining healthy, thriving honey bee colonies for production of honey and beeswax  in for profit and non-profit endeavors.

To this end, Tony “Big Bear” Sandoval will provide direct and indirect support resources via this website and the content provided herein.  Through exclusive phone support, FAQ’s, Member forum discussions and informative videos as well as exclusive blog posts and the monthly newsletter.

There will be a variety of levels of membership available to provide the level and degree of assistance and support you desire.  From a basic “Website Member” level to a top tier “Amber Direct Services” level that provides one on one and even in-person consulting, education and trouble shooting.

As mentioned, the point is to provide those apiarists who are working to achieve specific goals and objectives as producers, apiary managers, and educators with a professional resource to help them accomplish those.