Google Plus Video Hangouts

The Bee Smart project doesn’t exist on a website island here.  Not only do we integrate video, podcast and web content here but we are working on creating other interactive opportunities using the ever gaining capabilities offered by social media sites like Facebook and Google Plus.

I am excited to announce that on the first Friday of each month, Bee Smart will have a Video Hangout open discussion for members of the Bee Smart Google plus community.  The Hangoouts will start at 7 p.m. CST and a link to join the Hangouts will be posted as it starts in the Bee Smart community.  To join, simply join the Google plus Bee Smart community and make sure you check in at about 7pm on each first Friday of the month so that you can join in with the rest of us.

Author: Big Bear

Owner of BBE-Tech Apiary Services and professional apiarist. Beekeeping instructor at Metro Community College. Exec. Producer, Director and Host of Bee Smart beekeeping project podcast and videos.

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