Bee Smart Presents.. A Moment With Big Bear

Bee Smart Crew member Big Bear occasionally drops a quick video talking about things to do with beekeeping.  What’s Big Bear talking about today? beesides not having a great camera (you’ll see how bad all too soon) he has a thing or two to share about having a plan for your beekeeping this year.

The Bee Smart Podcast Crew Has A New Regular – YappyBeeman

Beecause we’re always looking for awesome people who can have fun in this wild beekeeping world we work in, JP brought us a fella who’s a natural fit for the Bee Smart Podcast Crew.

Beginning soon, “Yappy” AKA Travis Ulbrich, will bee joining us on the weekly podcast and you will find select examples of his work among our various and sundry postings. with plenty of links to show you even more of the cool stuff he does with bees.

Thank you for stepping in to the Bee Smart community and Yappy, we know you’ll bee right at home here.


Bee A Supporter

There are so many people I get to talk with who want to know how they can do something to help bees.  Anything except be a beekeeper that is.

I understand.  Beekeeping isn’t something for everyone.  It takes just the right amount of agricultural interest combined with various degrees of insanity to want to be a beekeeper.

But still, the next best to help bees is to help beekeepers and bee-friendly gardeners and people who use hive products is to help them to bee more successful.

Help them to learn to bee better at what they do.  Help them have access to the resources that can help them bee more successful.  What better, more rewarding, and more fun way to do that than to bee a Bee Smart Patron?

A Bee Smart Patron is part making a donation and part being a subscriber to the “Bee Smart beekeeping project”.  When you go to our Patreon page and click the button to become a Patron, you can choose to support us at the $2.50, $5.00 pr $10.00 per month levels.  By supporting our ongoing efforts to inform, educate and entertain on all things bees and beekeeping, you help those beekeepers and people using hive products to make things and people who grow gardens using bee pollination to have those tools, information and resources and bee better.

At the same time, you become a subscriber to the Patron only Bee Smart Monthly Newsletter.  You get access to Patron only areas of the member forums at the Bee Smart website.  You even get discounts and special content just for being a Patron.

Helping bees and having access to the inside, down-low beehind the scenes activity of some of the coolest, most publicly interactive beekeepers in the country.  That’s what you are getting for such a small amount per month.

How awesome can you bee?

Don’t forget to share the link to the Bee Smart website and all the awesome stuff like podcasts, videos, downloads and bee article posts we add to daily.  the more visitors we have, the more people we bee useful too.

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Great Scott! Yellow-eyed bees?

Have you ever found odd looking bees in your hives?  Genetic anomalies exist within honey bee genes that can be passed down from queen to daughter queen or rise and fall within the life of a single queen, never to show themselves again.

When Geoff Scott popped the lid of his bee hive open something unusual stared back at him – yellow eyes.

Source: Great Scott! Yellow-eyed bees?

Falher artist creates innovative works with beeswax

Tom Henihan Spotlight As artist and teacher, Chantal Nicolet lives in Falher, a town that identifies itself as the honey capital of Canada it seem inevitable that she would eventually come to creating works in beeswax. Nicolet, who began working inmedium last spring, says she just decided on her own without exposure to other encaustic…

Source: Falher artist creates innovative works with beeswax

Thieves steal hundreds of beehives primed to pollinate Central Valley almonds

Montana beekeeper Lloyd Cunniff shipped his 488 hives of bees in fresh, new pallets to Northern California in late December, hoping to pollinate acres of almond trees in the Central Valley.

Source: Thieves steal hundreds of beehives primed to pollinate Central Valley almonds

Bee Smart Bee Painting Event Paintings

As promised, there are photos here of the paintings that were made on Saturday January 14th during the Bee Creative event we held at Cheers Paint & Sip studio.

We love all the paintings and we love that people came out to have some fun in the name of bees.  Beelieve it or not, only two of the people in the group are beekeepers themselves.  The others are either indirectly involved or not at all which made things even more fun.

The event was dedicated to the Rusty Patched Bumblebee as it had just been added to the Endangered Species List on January 10th.  It was fitting that the painting was of a bumblebee.

Without further ado, I present to you the very encouraging work of our Apicultural Artists.