Bee Smart Weekly Podcast: Episode 5 – Bee Friendly Land Management

Episode 5 of the Bee Smart Weekly Podcast is out! This week we had the crew most of the time, though adapting to the tech is an ongoing process and some of them had “technical difficulties”.

A special guest sitting in this week is John Winkler from the Papio-Missouri River Natural Resourced District in Sarpy County Nebraska. John and the gang over there are tremendously interested in keeping the public lands they manage “Bee Friendly” and talked with the crew about working land to benefit pollinators such as bees.

Listen to “Episode 5- Land Management with Special Guest John Winkler” on Spreaker.

Author: Big Bear

Owner of BBE-Tech Apiary Services and professional apiarist. Beekeeping instructor at Metro Community College. Exec. Producer, Director and Host of Bee Smart beekeeping project podcast and videos.

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