Honey Bees May Be Harmed By Crop-Protecting Fungicides

While I won’t say if this is a “thing” yet, I will admit that I won’t bee surprised.  Bees are such complex creatures not only because of each one’s physiology, but the very nature of the super-organism we know as the colony.

This describes sub-lethal effects that don’t get looked for in regular testing most of the time.  Until a few years ago, even the EPA wasn’t thinking about sub-lethal effects on pesticides being submitted for use in the U.S. and didn’t include testing for it.

It certainly gives us something else to add to the discussion when discussing bee nutrition and environments.   

Farmers rely on fungicides to prevent those brown spots that can ruin an otherwise perfectly delicious apple. But, it turns out, those fungicides could be hurting honey bees.

Source: Honey Bees May Be Harmed By Crop-Protecting Fungicides

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