Review: Hive Keepers Smartphone App -1

I installed the android version of the app “Hive Keepers” today.  They offer a full access 30 day review period.  What a great opportunity to do the first Bee Smart review.

The install and registration process were simple enough.  They don’t ask for any credit card info to begin the free 30 period.  Good start.

They ask you to sign in again with your email address and new password.    To be honest, I didn’t find the various screens very intuitive or explained well.  You have to just explore and figure things out as you go through the different pages.

Eventually I set up the “Bee Smart Test Apiary” with one hive in it named “Lucy”.  Yes, it’s my hive Lucy that I can’t stop talking about, deal with it.

As it was 8:30 pm, all I was able to do was add the three boxes, they refer to all hive boxes as “supers” by the way. I named each box simply “La”, “Lb” and “Lc”.  There are 5 frames in each box.  Each frame gets a name in the app as well.  I named the frames, “A1, A2,A,3, A4, and A5” then “B1 – B5” and “C1 – C5” respectively.

The app prompts you to take pictures of each frame, both sides, at each inspection of a given box in a hive.  Interesting setup that.

In regards to actual inspections, I found, just looking over the pages for the first time, a bit lacking in asking for details.  This review will span the 30 day trial period so it’s possible that may clear up as we go along.

It’s snowy and cold here in Omaha, NE on Saturday February 25th.  We are supposed to get a warm up trend in the next couple of weeks.  So I will hopefully get a chance to get a  nearly 70 degree day to actually inspect and maybe get some photos.

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