Eleven-year-old boy recovering after being stung by bees 400 times

Finally, honest journalism.  After seeing dozens of hyperbolic headlines since it was first reported, we finally get a news source that reported just the facts.

We’ve been treated to nonsense ranging from bees “attacking” the boy to even one headline claiming that the bees “ambushed” the boy.  Honey bees, even Africanized honey bees, are defensive in nature.  They do not preemptively “attack” anything.

Honeybees will mount a formidable defense though.  Often, the “offender” may not even realize he or she caused the bees to feel threatened.  In many cases, the person(s) involved may not have even known a hive was nearby to accidentally offend.

Africanized honey bees mount an even more aggressive defensive than our more common European honey bees here in the U.S.  Having said that, still a defensive reaction and not a premeditated or even spontaneous “attack”.

Unfortunately, a boy had to learn a very hard lesson about situational awareness before you go shooting at things.

(PHOENIX) — The good news: an Arizona boy is happily buzzing around after being stung angry bees.  Four hundred times. ABC News affiliate KNXV-TV reports that Andrew Kunz, 11, of Safford, is swollen and covered in bee stings but otherwise OK after his misadventure. Petrea Kunz, his grandmother, said Andrew was out in the desert […]

Source: Eleven-year-old boy recovering after being stung by bees 400 times

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