Bee Smart About Your Beekeeping Experiments

Here at the Bee Smart beekeeping project we advocate for having fun while beekeeping.  We advocate just as hard, if not harder, for “beeing smart” about beekeeping as well.  Beekeeping history is rife with stories of curious and pragmatic people working to learn more and find ways to improve on the understandings and practices involved in beekeeping.

Many a beekeeper is a tinkerer and “armchair” researcher as they go about figuring out how to tackle the latest challenge in their apiary.  What we are promoting here at Bee Smart is to get more people to take it to the next step and up their “mad beek scientist” game by participating in a more  technical process that provides documentation and a clear path of study and review for everyone and anyone to follow.

Many of us are already “scientists” in how we go about our researching of bees and beekeeping.  Science is a process, a method, not a status.  With the right mental approach and some training in how to prepare an experiment and properly document it, you can produce qualified and valid material much as anyone else can.  You can do it.  We beelieve in you.

So does Randy Oliver.  Randy believes it so much that as a biologist and entomologist AND a professional apiarist that he walks you through the process at his website  As a matter of fact, he goes so far as to provide us with a guide for setting up experiments.

Odds are, you may already be doing the work.  Why not add the structure and documentation of the scientific method to make it complete?  Going forward in the future, we want to hear from you, our “Mad Beekists” to see what we can do to help facilitate the scientific method for our citizen scientists.

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