Grant Gillard Scheduled For the Hive Talkin Podcast

I just got off the phone with beekeeping author Grant Gillard.   Through sheer good will and being a good sport, he took my out  of the blue sky phone call and agreed to be on the “Hive Talkin” podcast.


Of course, for all 4 of you that have actually listened to the Hive Talkin podcast, you know that it is a laid back and sometimes zany chat between a guest (or guests as in the case of Gary and Margaret from Kiwimana to be released this coming Sunday) and myself.

It’s good that beekeepers are so often nice and good people.  If it weren’t for that, I’d never get past the odd looks and seemingly inevitable question of, “Did you fall out of the tree one too many times boy?” by those I talk to.

So, look forward to a cool chat with Grant Gillard, the beekeeping author and swarm catcher from Missouri on Sunday, May 7th.

Visit his Amazon book page to see the books he has written you might have already read or might want to read before his episode.

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