Bee Smart: Buzzed About Bees

Starting Saturday August 12 9:30 -10:30am at Chick-Fil-A in Bellevue, NE.  Every second Saturday of each month afterward. Come on down and talk to a professional apiarist.  Ask your bee related questions.  Find out about beekeeping, honey, pollination, beeswax and anything else that has to do with bees that you’ve got on your mind.

Sit down with Tony “Big Bear” Sandoval from the Bee Smart beekeeping project and the Beehooligans podcast to talk about anything and everything bees.

Want to get started in beekeeping?  Come on down.  Have questions about cooking with honey?  Come on down.  Want to know about making beeswax crafts?  Come on down.

Got a story to share about bees?  We want to hear it.    Get a little something to munch on or drink, and sit down with us to get all the buzz on everything bees.

Author: Big Bear

Owner of BBE-Tech Apiary Services and professional apiarist. Beekeeping instructor at Metro Community College. Exec. Producer, Director and Host of Bee Smart beekeeping project podcast and videos.

2 thoughts on “Bee Smart: Buzzed About Bees”

  1. Hi I’m a South Omaha Community leader and I would like to coordinate a Community Information day in Spring Lake Park about pollinators. The goal is to motivate neighbors to establish at least a handkerchief Garden in their yards we’re pollinators will be attracted and kept safe. And then once the little gardens or set up in different houses it would be great if we could organize a Garden Walk to look at them. The objective is to get people talking to each other about something fun so we get out of our houses, walk a little bit and talk a little bit. Is that something you would be interested in helping us out with?

    1. Hey, that sounds like something to bee excited about!

      Big Bear is the Beehooligan in Omaha that would bee the one to talk to about arranging something lke that. That’s one of his favorite things to do. You can contact him on the user forums here on the website. I’ll also put a “bug” in his ear about this.

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