Why My Bee Smart Classes Are Full of Awesome

I teach a number of beekeeping classes through Metro Community College here in Omaha, NE.  I try to get it so the basic classes start over every quater, that way, if you missed the opportunity to take one during one quarter, you can take it the next quarter.

I teach beekeeping classes to provide in depth information about various topics.  Each class is three hours of presentation of information, discussion and Q&A to gt the most out of each topic area.  Taking classes should be more than having a bunch of information shoved at you.  It should give you the opportunity to make the information relevant specifically to you and your needs.  That’s why I make sure to include plenty of opportunities for participants to ask questions that matter to what they have in mind.

I make sure that every participant gets a printed copy of the class booklet that I wrote to accompany each particular subject.  This way, participants don’t have to worry about taking copious notes of everything and can focus on discussion, Q&A, and making notes of specific info from the discussion and Q&A as it helps them be most effective.

I also make sure that each participant gets a crossword puzzle that created specifically from terms and ideas in the class it was made for.  This helps participants to reinforce the terminology and concepts that were discussed but hopefully in a way that is little more interesting and fun than by rote memorization.  Having even a little more fun helps to remember things than being bored to tears and forgetting most of it.

I want to help new and current beekeepers expand their capacity to be successful.  To  build their knowledge base and to understand just a little better these crazy insects we have fallen in love with.  The better informed we can be about our bees and our craft, the greater potential to be successful and enjoy doing it.  That’s what it’s all about.

Author: Big Bear

Owner of BBE-Tech Apiary Services and professional apiarist. Beekeeping instructor at Metro Community College. Exec. Producer, Director and Host of Bee Smart beekeeping project podcast and videos.

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