This is a great time to be a Beehooligan with the Bee Smart beekeeping project

Beehooligans are avid learners and doers of bee things.  Being a Beehooligan is to take on beekeeping with your own goals and objectives in mind and just enough sass and attitude to not care if you do what everyone else is doing it not.

Beehooligans work alongside others like themselves to learn, teach, observe and get great things done.

When you are a member of the Bee Smart beekeeping project Beehooligans, you know there are others who’ve got your back and are going to help you bee successful.

The Bee Smart beekeeping project offers its Beehooligans many benefits of association;

  • Working on a team to help rescue and relocate bees that might otherwise be exterminated.
  • Taking care of the hives the rescued bees are moved to.
  • Learning valuable, practical and pragmatic beekeeping skills that promote healthy and thriving bee colonies
  • Supporting a local nonprofit organization dedicated to taking in and caring for bees and promoting conservation. (It’s only $10.00/month)
  • Having fun and enjoying learning while doing with other Beehooligans.
  • When the Bee Smart beekeeping project rescues more bees than the teaching apiaries can handle, our Beehooligans are the go to list that we send the overflow bees to.
  • Share the fun and knowledge of beekeeping with the public by helping out at presentations and events.

Become a Bee Smart beekeeping project Beehooligan today and be part of something bigger and more fun than “just” beekeeping.

Keep bees like a Beehooligan.

Sign up to be a Beehooligan by contacting Tony Sandoval at 402-370-8018.



Author: Big Bear

Owner of BBE-Tech Apiary Services and professional apiarist. Beekeeping instructor at Metro Community College. Exec. Producer, Director and Host of Bee Smart beekeeping project podcast and videos.

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