Apiarist Training

Apiarist Training Program

BBE-Tech Apiary Services through our Bee Smart beekeeping project is proud to announce that the apiarist raining program is now officially active.

This program is one that takes prospective apiarists through progressive phases in training and education.

This is a different approach to beekeeper training as it is done in the perspective as a professional trade.  Whether the beekeepers who finish the program actually pursue beekeeping as a trade or job or not is up to them.

Phase 1-Internship

The introductory phase of the Apiarist training program.  As an intern, the participant will acclimate themself to being comfortable working in the presence of bees and active apiaries.  They will learn terminology, basics concepts and become familiar with the general tasks of beekeeping.  The hands-on aspect of internship is to be an assistant or “gofer” for Apprentices, Journeymen, and Apiarists.

There is no cost associated to being an Intern in this program except those related to transportation and general personal preferences.

There is an expectation for Interns to complete the Internship phase by completing the Intern “checklist” showing that they demonstrated knowledge and skill sufficient to begin an Apprenticeship regardless of whether or not they pursue an Apprenticeship.  At successful completion of the internship, participants will receive a certificate acknowledging the achievement.

Internship Applications

As of 10-17-2017, BBE-Tech Apiary Services has begun to accept applications for Internships in the Omaha/Metro area.  Prospective interns must be prepared to participate at least 24 hours over the course of twelve (12) months and/or complete the checklist demonstrating knowledge and familiarity with this level of beekeeping.

At this time, we have six (6) Intern spots open for 2018 to be filled by or before December 31, 2017.

Please fill out the Internship Application by following this link.  Internship Application Form.

Selected applicants will be contacted to arrange an interview with Tony “Big Bear” Sandoval.

Phase 2-Apprenticeship

The Apprenticeship phase transitions participants to active beekeeping tasks under the direct supervision of a Journeyman or Apiarist.  Apprentices are the “grunts” of the apiary, practicing the basics tasks and procedures in an apiary as an active assistant.

To become an Apiary Apprentice in the Bee Smart beekeeping project, one should have successfully completed an Internship, passed knowledge and applied skills exams and completed an Apprentice application form.

The Apprenticeship phase is for one complete season during which the Apprentice will demonstrate knowledge and skills related to Basic Beekeeping.  In order to pass the knowledge exams, it is recommended to take the Basic Beekeeping classes offered by Tony Sandoval through Metro Community college.  Taking the classes is not required but will prepare students specifically to pass the knowledge exams.

The Apprenticeship is not free.  However, it is always the effort to make it accessible.  For this reason, All Apiary Apprentices and  Apiary Journeymen will be asked to become patrons of the Bee Smart beekeeping project through our Patreon site.  At the “Trainee” support level, participants will have access to exclusive content and “brain picking” opportunities available only to them.  The “Trainee” level is only set at $25.00 /month. (look for fun contests and opportunities to gain useful and additional fun perks by helping others to become Bee Smart Patreon supporters).

Apprentice Applications

Currently Bee Smart beekeeping project is not taking applications for Apiary Apprentices.

Phase 3-Journeyman

The Apiary Journeyman phase requires participants having successfully completed an Apprenticeship as well as successfully taken and passing knowledge and applied skills exams to move into the Journeyman phase.

The Apiary Journeyman is learning to work at a more advanced level of beekeeping, having demonstrated knowledge and skills sufficient to be considered “Basic” beekeepers.  The Apiary Journeyman is able to handle hive management tasks on their own, as directed by the Apiarist.  They also act as experienced assistants to an Apiarist in taking on more advanced tasks such as live bee removals, Queen rearing, apiary planning, and more.

Apiary Journeymen also act as on-site mentors to Apiary Apprentices and Interns.

Similar to the Apiary Apprentice phase, the Apiary Journeyman is asked to be a Patreon supporter of the Bee Smart beekeeping project at the “Trainee” level with all rewards and perks as applies.

The Apiary Journey phase takes place over a period of one season and requires a specific minimum number of hours in applied skills.  It is during the Apiary Journeyman phase that participants will prepare to take knowledge and applied skills exams in order to qualify as a certified Apiarist.

Taking Advanced Beekeeping classes offered by Tony Sandoval through Metro Community College is highly recommended though is not mandatory.

Apiary Journeyman Applications

Currently, the Bee Smart beekeeping project is not taking applications for Apiary Journeyman.

Phase 4-Apiarist

A certified Apiarist, certified by BBE-Tech Apiary Services, has demonstrated sufficient knowledge and applied skills to independently manage an apiary of their own or on behalf of some other person or organization.

The certified Apiarist must have successfully passed required exams.  Candidates should also have participated as an an Apiary Apprentice and Apiary Journeyman in this training program.

The exams for certification have a current total cost of $100.00 to take both written and applied skills exams.

The successful candidate will receive a certificate from BBE-Tech Apiary Services certifying their status as a recognized Apiarist and will be listed on this website under our listed, certified Apiarists page which prospective customers and others may use to contact those Apiarists.

Certification is for one year at a time.  In order to maintain active certification with BBE-Tech and Bee Smart, Apiarists will be required to complete an annual training workshop to make new and updated information in the field of beekeeping available to them.  Annual re-certification is currently set at $25/00 plus workshop expenses.

Once successfully certified, Apiarists are not expected to continue as a patron of Bee Smart on the Patreon page.  However, we hope that will will beelieve in our efforts so much as to continue to be supporters at the “Alumni” level.  At the “Alumni” level, re-certification costs are waved and only workshops need to be accommodated.  Also, there are unique rewards and perks exclusive only to Alumni relating to free professional consultation sessions, contests and promotional opportunities.