Junkyard Grubbers

Junkyard Grubbers

Those late Summer pests, Wax Moths, lay their eggs in the wax of the combs.  the larvae emerge and eat the wax from the brood sections of the hive.  This is because they (the wax moth larvae) get most of their nutrition from various impurities found in brood comb wax and in order to get to that junk, they eat the wax too.

Wax Moth larvae on brood comb.




This Week at Bee Smart…Pests

Trying out some topical changes here at the Bee Smart beekeeping project.  You may have noticed the new weekly puzzle on Wednesdays.  It has a theme.  That’s due to the idea that each week here will loosely focus on a particular subject.

This week’s subject is pests of beekeeping.  Notice that we’re just talking about pests, not diseases or poison.

Nasty little critters like Varroa mites and Small Hive Beetles (SHB).  Wax moths, ants, skunks, even dragonflies.

There are many pests that seem intent on taking down bees.  We’ll spend this week talking about some of them in these posts, in the puzzles and maybe a video.

Some pests are persistent threats nearly all year long.  Others are seasonal or unique to certain conditions.  I won’t try to cover everything in this post, way too much ground to cover in a year let alone one week or one post.

However, we’ll spend this week getting to know a bit more about some of the troublemakers that keep making bees lives harder than they should be.  They can make beekeepers jobs harder too.

Thanks for stopping by to see what we’re up to and please come back often.  We’ll try to make sure we have something fresh ready every day.

Honey Production Class Canceled

Unfortunately, The Honey production and Sales class for next Monday 10/23/2017, at Metro Community College has been canceled.

UPDATE AS OF 4:00 p.m. Friday, 10/19/2017

The Honey Production and Sales class is going to happen on Monday 10/23/2017 from 5:30 pm till 8:30 pm as originally planned.

You may register at the MCC website page for this class (Honey Production and Sales Class) until Monday 10/23 midday ahead of time.  Walk in at class time are unable to be accommodated at this location.


The next and last class in the MCC series for the Fall 2017 quarter, Organic Beekeeping, is open for registration.  You can register online or get more specific information about registration at this MCC website page.

Please register for the Organic Beekeeping class by end of day Thursday, 10/26/2017 to avoid that class being canceled.

Bee Smart Crosswords #2- Miner Bees

If you’d like to print out the crossword  please download it with THIS LINK.

Here is the word list to help you out:


The Bee Smart Online Crossword Puzzle #1: Basic Anatomy


If online puzzles aren’t your thing, you can download a PDF version by clicking on this link.  The PDF even includes a wordlist for a little extra help.

Crossword Hobbyist – Basic Bee Biology

The answer sheet is also available as a download for our patrons over at our Bee Smart Patreon site.

Meet a Miner Bee-Andrena astragali

There are more than 4,500 species of bees in the world commonly referred to as “Miner” bees.  This one in particular, the Andrena astragali, is a specialist that likes to forage on a plant called the “Death Cama” AKA Toxicoscordion.

Toxicoscordion venenosum (Death Camas) - Flickr - brewbooks
By brewbooks from near Seattle, USA (Toxicoscordion venenosum (Death Camas)) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

The Death Cama is known for being poisonous as it contains a type of neurotoxin that is harmful to just about everything in every part of it, even the nectar.  Everything except Andrena astragali that is.


Yes! Bee Smart Bee Bringing The Crosswords

As promised, here at the Bee Smart beekeeping project, we want to always work to bring you new, original content that you aren’t going to find anywhere else and is going to help you bee Smart about bees and beekeeping and have fun while you’re doing it.

So, here come the Bee Smart Crosswords.  Every week, on Wednesdays, a new crossword puzzle based on something having to do with bees or beekeeping will be posted here on the website.

The first Crossword hits next Wednesday.  Bee ready to to buzz through this game like a pro.