Bee Classes

As a beekeeping instructor, I offer a variety of classes on specific topic areas that span three different levels or categories of information.  My approach to education is tied with my approach to apiculture as a professional trade and craft.  The classes can be taken and useful to anyone but are done in a way to prepare those involved in the Apiarist training program that I offer to take and pass the exams to get to the subsequent training levels or to become a certified apiarist.

I offer “Basic Beekeeping” level classes, “Advanced Beekeeping” level classes and a series of classes covering the more business oriented stuff called “Professional Beekeeping” classes.

Please look through the calendar below to see which classes will bee coming up.  Remember, all MCC classes must be registered through the metro Community College Non-Credit Classes Registration web page.

Basic Beekeeping Classes

Basic Beekeeping takes into consideration the knowledge and skills necessary to a first year beekeeper.  I teach the classes I offer based on the training program I operate.  The classes are designed to provide the necessary information to be successful in the first year of beekeeping and to help participants prepare to pass the knowledge exams if they are part of the apiculture trade training program.

Free Downloads

I have created some study guides that add information outside of the book I use and recommend new beekeepers to start with.  That book being, “Beekeeping Basics”  A free, downloadable PDF of this book can be downloaded in the Basic Beekeeping documents listed below.  The study guides are also available as free downloadable PDF’s as well below.

Advanced Beekeeping Classes

The Advanced level classes I teach, is geared toward those at the “Journeyman” stage in the apiarist training program.  These are skills and information useful to second year and beyond beekeepers that will help them to be more successful.

These classes will be available at Metro Community College or for private groups beginning in the Spring of 2018.  Related study guide documents will be made available as they become available.

Advanced Beekeeping-Queen Rearing

Advanced Beekeeping-Colony Increases

Advanced Beekeeping-Hive Pest Diagnosis & Actions

Advanced Beekeeping-Equipment & Logistics

Professional Apiarist Classes

In the Professional Apiarist classes, the focus  is on being capable of doing the business things that need to be done.  The Professional Apiarist classes are only scheduled privately and are offered to training program participants toward the end of the Journeyman training.  These classes include;

Accountability & Assurances