Bee Joyful Apiary

The Bee Joyful Apiary

Located on the Scatter Joy Acres program site in the Florence area of Omaha, NE, I am collaborating with Joy Bartlett and the rest of the Scatter Joy team to set up a teaching apiary.  This will add to the opportunities for youth and others to learn about beeing successful and self sufficiency on the farm.

The teaching apiary will be managed by Tony “Big Bear” Sandoval and volunteer apiarist apprentices.  The youth and others that interact with Scatter Joy Acres will be able to watch and learn about bees and becoming a beekeeper while the honey and beeswax that are harvested from the hives will help in crafts and fundraising for Scattered Joy Acres.

You Can Help

This program is starting from the ground level and can benefit from all the help we can muster from the Omaha area community.


While money is always a useful resource to a non-profit program like Scatter Joy Acres, in an endeavor such as this, the donation of hive equipment, beekeeping safety gear such as hats, veils, suits and jackets and the beekeeping tools such as smokers, hive tools, even rolls of screen are extremely helpful in starting up a unique and productive project like this.

Please let Joy at Scatter Joy Acres know if you are able to contribute to making this teaching apiary a success with a donation or if you know of a local business or organization that will bee of help as well.

Volunteer Apiarist Apprenticeships

If you are interested in getting “hands-on” training working in a professionally managed apiary or even if you want to be an apiarist but don’t have the resources to do it on your own, you can bee an apiarist volunteer on the Bee Joyful Apiary team.  Please contact Tony Sandoval to sign up as an Apprentice or Apiarist at this special apiary.  Email:

There are four levels of volunteer involvement you can participate in as part of the volunteer team.

Intern– An intern is someone who might just be at the very beginning of their beekeeping adventure, learning the beeginning basics of the craft.  You can help out as an assistant to the apiarists and apprentices while learning terminology, learning the parts of the hive and about the bees while getting familiar with being around active honey bees.

Most people will beegin as an intern when they start volunteering.  I don’t require that interns attend on a set schedule, they can participate as they are able to during scheduled apiary sessions.  the more interns participate, the sooner and better they will be able to become an apprentice.

Apprentice– An Apiary Apprentice is actively gaining hands-on skills training in the craft of beekeeping.  They most likely have already been an intern and\or have demonstrated familiarity with basic bee and beekeeping information such as the parts of the hive, the tools and equipment involved and the basics knowledge of bee biology, behavior, etc…

All Apprentices are expected to regularly participate in scheduled apiary sessions.  Apprentices will assist in the maintenance of specific hives and tasks related to the maintenance and management of the bees and hives with the apiarist they are assigned to.

Apprentices learn not only what to do with working hives directly but are also involved in the behind the scenes activities such as hive equipment assembly, repair and related experiences.

Journeyman Apiarist- The Journeyman is on their own, working with assigned hives in a given Apiary.  A journeyman has demonstrated both knowledge and skill sufficient to manage a specific number of hives within an apiary or all in a small apiary.  The Journeyman will also work with apprentices and interns.

Apiarist/Apiary Manager–  An Apiarist is the educated, trained and experienced person that is responsible for the maintenance, health and well being of each hive in the apiary.  The Apiarist guides  Journeyman and apprentices through the tasks related to keeping hives healthy, alive and productive.

Bee Joyful Apiary Management and Operation

This teaching apiary exists to provide an educational and life enhancing experience for the youth and adults who work with and visit Scatter Joy Acres. It also serves as a valuable training opportunity for those wanting to gain knowledge and skill in the craft of beekeeping in a professionally managed environment.

This apiary is managed and operated by Tony “Big Bear” Sandoval with BBE-Tech Apiary Services and the Bee Smart beekeeping project.