Bee Smart FAQs

What are the Bee Smart FAQs?

Here at the Bee Smart beekeeping project, the goal is to help beekeepers bee successful, have fun and bee informed.

So, where do these answers come from?  Mostly from other, reliable resources.  From books, lectures and interviews with people like Clarence Collison, Randy Oliver, Mary Ann Frazier, Tom Seeley and many, many others.  It has been collated and put into easy to digest format in one place.  Some of it comes from the collected experiences of the Beehooligan crew such as JPtheBeeman, Schawee (Beekeeper of the Swamp), Big Bear (the S.O.Bee) and Yappy (Beesiferus) Ulbrich.

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Big Bear’s Rules of Beekeeping


Big Bear’s Organic Beekeeping



Pests & IPM

Hive Management

Live Bee Removal

Beginning Beekeeping