Bee Smart FAQs-Hive Management

Hive Management

Beekeepers have been known to use re-queening as an effective method to reduce swarming. It is also considered to help increase the chances of Winter survival. Re-queening has been thought to be effective in dealing with certain brood diseases (sacbrood, European Foul Brood, chalkbrood). Some beekeepers re-queen to gain larger forager populations for increased honey yields. Re-queening is also a known method of changing the colony temperament if the bees become too ornery.
According to Clarence Collison, Entomology professor, Extension Program Director, Beekeeper and Author of the "A Closer Look" column in Bee Culture Magazine, honey production is most dependent on colony strength, floral sources and local weather over hive management techniques.
There are about 7 definitions of what "Organic" is. The one beekeeping is concerned with the most is the scientific or biological definition. That being, to emulate, mimic or imitate the natural behavior or physiology of another living creature as a learned response or method. For beekeepers, the objective is to emulate or imitate the successful behaviors and conditions by feral bees.