Bee Smart FAQs-Honey


One gallon of honey, a usually viscous liquid, weighs on average about 12 pounds. That breaks down to about .75 ounces per pound. On a greater scale, a 5 pound pail of honey weighs about 60 pounds. A 55 gallon drum weighs approximately 660 pounds. This is especially awesome when taken into contrast with the fact that it takes about 2 million flowers producing nectar to make 1 pound of honey. Honey bees in one colony fly approx. 55 thousand miles to make 1 pound of honey. 1 honey bee contributes bout 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime. So, the next time you wonder about the price of 1 pound of honey, you know why it is so valuable and precious.
Sort of. Ish. Kinda, maybe. Unlike other organic labelled foods, honey cannot be guaranteed as to the source, nectar. Honey bees will travel as a far as 5 miles radius from their hive to find nectar producing plants to forage from. Consider that the average farm is about 434 acres in size. 1 square mile contains about 640 aces. In a five mile radius of a hive, that means there are about 78 square miles to cover. That then gives us about 33,852 acres that bees will cover to find enough forage resources. There is really no probable way then that any beekeeper can exert any real control over where bees from any given hive forage on for nectar. Especially considering that the typical organic farm is smaller than the average conventional farm. Instead, Organic honey discusses hive management methods. Is the beekeeper implementing an Integrated Pest Management plan? Are they avoiding toxic pesticides and avoiding unnecessary medication and pesticide applications? Are they not applying treatments as a prophylactic (before evidence of a problem is present)? There is a list of "acceptable" products and management methods made available by certain certifying organizations to ensure compliance for honey being "Organic". So, Honey can be "Organic" but not necessarily by source as most other products.
Honey, being a typically acidic food, has a pH of about 3.9