The Beehooligans as of 2018 are the group of beekeeping enthusiasts who have committed themselves to increasing their learning and experience in apiculture by being a part of an exclusive membership which is dedicated to the rescue, relocation and healthy management of bee colonies at the Bee Joyful Teaching Apiary located at Scatter Joy Acres run by Joy Bartling in the Florence neighborhood in Omaha, NE.

Officially referred to as the Beehooligans Apiarist Connection, the Beehooligans are here to learn, build practical experience in beekeeping, support the bee rescue and apiary efforts and have fun doing it.


Members can choose to participate in the regular Live recorded podcasts or participate in videos that are recorded to share with the world about the activities and exciting happenings around the apiary.  They can come ask questions and observe or they can roll their sleeves up and jump right in to help make the magic happen.

There are opportunities for educational and experience building activities such as workshops and and assisting with live removals.  OF course there will lots of fun as we plan activities and events around camping out with the bees and having contests  related to helping support the teaching apiary and Scatter Joy Acres in general.


Membership is month by month at $10.00 per person, per session.  You will be registered as an active member on the first day and receive updates and invitations for the next 30 days.  The Beehooligans meet twice a month so there will be plenty of opportunity to make sure you stay in the loop.

The participation fees go directly to Scatter Joy Acres to help support the rescue and educational activities such as the farm animals, therapy animals and of course, the teaching apiary.

Tony “Big Bear” Sandoval is a professional Apiarist and the beekeeping instructor at Metro Community College and is the volunteer manager and educator in charge of the teaching apiary.  None of the participation fees goes to Tony. It all goes to Scatter Joy Acres.  Although, Tony does have a Patreon page where you can toss a few his way if you want to encourage and support his efforts at the teaching apiary as well.


The Beehooligans meet on the first and third Saturday of each month at Scatter Joy Acres at 1 pm, often going till about 3 pm (sometimes sooner, sometimes later, depending on what’s going on).


You can find Scatter Joy Acres at:

4966 Newport Avenue
Omaha, Ne 68152

It’s a rough road to get there, almost a little rural island in the middle of Florence.

Looking forward to seeing new Beehooligans and making bee things happen.