The Bee Smart Calendar

Notable dates marking the events and people of beekeeping throughout history





  • Supplemental feeding if needed
  • Pollen feeding, if necessary.
  • 60F or more, quick check of brood section
  • Clean up deadout
  • Make sure hive equipment is ready
  • Keep an eye on honey & pollen stores
  • Over 60F check brood section for signs of laying queen, diseases, etc…
  • Install packages to foundation or drawn comb
  • Install nucs to full size hives
  • Re-queen if necessary
  • Make preventative hive splits
  • Consider reversing brood boxes
  • Add a super if colony is strong and an early flow starts (maple/dandelion bloom)
  • Consider combining weak colonies
  • Consider equalizing strength of colonies
  • Begin IPM sampling for mites, etc…

Moses Quinby, born April 16, 1810 – May 27, 1875

  • Check for swarm cells
  • Take swarm prevention measures if needed
  • Over super if supering is called for
  • Make preventative/reproductive hive splits
  • Prepare for Swarm captures
  • Cull old combs where possible.
  • Take IPM samplings

Charles Dadant, born May 20, 1817 – July 26, 1902


Charles C. Miller, born June 10, 1831 – September 4, 1920

Eva Crane, born June 12, 1912 – September 6, 2007


Francois Huber, born July 2, 1750 – December 22, 1831


National Honey Bee Day, Third Saturday of August (August 19th, 2017)

  • Fall Check and Prep
    • specifically inspecting and taking action for mites and diseases.
  • Unite weak colonies
  • Re-queen colonies with diminished or old queens
  • Provide sugar syrup in 2:1 mixture if necessary (not enough honey will be available by October.)
  • Good time to add entrance reducers
  • Feed heavy syrup as long as they will take it.
  • Unite weak colonies
  • Winterize apiaries and hives
  • Prepare beekeeping plan for next year, set goals and objectives
  • Order equipment for next year based on plan
  • Order bees for next year if necessary based on plan
  • Render beeswax for beekeeping needs for next year
  • Late Fall feeding if necessary (fondant may be in order depending on environmental conditions)
  • Honey Lovers Club @Mangelsen’s 11-25-2017:1-2pm
  • Repair and assemble beekeeping equipment
  • Read, take classes, listen to podcasts, watch videos.  Learn more about bees and beekeeping.

Amos I Root, born December 9, 1839 – April 30, 1923

Lorenzo L Langstroth.  Born December 25, 1810 – October 6, 1895