Thieves steal hundreds of beehives primed to pollinate Central Valley almonds

Montana beekeeper Lloyd Cunniff shipped his 488 hives of bees in fresh, new pallets to Northern California in late December, hoping to pollinate acres of almond trees in the Central Valley.

Source: Thieves steal hundreds of beehives primed to pollinate Central Valley almonds

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The Bee Smart beekeeping project is essentially the informational arm of my work as a professional apiarist.  My “Hands On” work is communicated through the BBE-Tech Apiary Services website but everything to do with teaching, doing presentations and making content available about all things bees, beekeepers and beekeeping that is informative, useful and (I hope) entertaining is done here on the Bee Smart beekeeping project.

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There is a lot of useful beekeeping related content out in the world.  there is a lot of informative beekeeping content out there as well.  Yes, thanks in large part to YouTube, there is a LOT of entertaining content pertaining to beekeeping as well.

People are out there, creating content that usually falls into one of those categories.  Sometimes a few will cover more than one of those categories.  The first way Bee Smart strives to stand on its own in content presentation is to bring together things that fit all three of those categories as much as possible.  When we create unique content, that is our first objective, to make it useful, informative and entertaining.

Another way we work to bee unique is that because we know there are people already out there creating some great content, we have no plans to re-invent the wheel if it’s not necessary.  I comb the web to see what’s already out there and if someone already has a wonderful video, audio or written presentation, what we want most to do is to make sure we can get that information in front of as many people as possible.  We will try whenever possible to contact those people to allow us to add it to our links and lists of cool stuff.   If we cannot obtain their permission or make contact, then we will consider making our own version of it (NOT taking theirs and we will ALWAYS give credit where it is due) because we think it’s worth people knowing about.

Thirdly, most beekeeping related content falls into the “How To” category of things, which is awesome.  However, while we want people to see the “How To” or the advice or the great tips, tricks and hacks people have to share out there, we think there is something just as important and sometimes even more important to us that doesn’t get done nearly enough.

What is that, you ask?  Why it’s you.  It’s showing the people side of everything.  Sharing information about the “tech” side of things is all well and good, but to fully appreciate anything, it truly helps to see it in context of the experiences of the people who are doing these things.  I think this is where Bee Smart will shine brightest.  Bring the experiences and stories of the people in beekeeping and beekeeping related areas as well as what they are doing in regards to innovation, creation and education.

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The Bee Smart beekeeping project is available to bring a special live and multimedia presentation to your school, organization or business in the Omaha/Metro area in Nebraska.

We have two options to offer depending on your needs.

Option 1:  Bee Educated

The Bee Smart beekeeping project will bring a combination of a live presentation with a video presentation to show participants about the incredible things bees and beekeepers do.  This presentation can last from 1 to 2 hours depending on group size.

We can bring a live portable bee display (bees cannot get out) only between May 1 and September 15th otherwise we have a photo and video display of a live bee hive and a selection of honey samples, beeswax item samples and plenty of useful, informative and useful information available to bring out all year long.

Cost for this interactive and entertaining presentation is based on number of participants.  Call Big Bear to schedule this exciting presentation at 402-370-8018 or email us at:

Option 2: Bee Adventurous

The Bee Adventurous presentation is designed to be a 4 to 8 hour presentation booth with a live observation hive of bees (bees cannot get out), a real professional beekeeper to talk with visitors to the booth and plenty of real honey and beeswax product samples.

Cost for this interactive and entertaining presentation is based on number of participants.  Call Big Bear to schedule this exciting presentation at 402-370-8018 or email us at:

December 2016 Marked 185 years Since Huber Passed Away

Francois Huber is one of the most notable beekeepers and bee researchers in all of beekeeping history.  His story is amazing.  Born in 1750 he began to go blind at about age 15.

He had a personal assistant named Francois Burnens and was married to Marie Lullin who acted as his proxy eyes in the field.

His most notable accomplishments include his book, “Nouvelles Observations sur les Abeilles” (New Observations Upon Bees” in 1792 with a second volume in 1814.

This past December marked 185 years since he died.  His research and writing however makes him an immortal in the world of modern beekeeping.

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Notable Note: Langstroth was a Christmas beeday

That’s right, the man commonly referred to as the “Father of modern beekeeping” was born on December 25th in 1810.

His (arguably) two most significant contributions to beekeeping being the observation of the 3/8″to 1/4″ bee space requirement between combs/frames and the mas produce-able Langstroth hive which kicked off a new era of beekeeping in the industrial age.

There were other beekeepers that influenced Langstroth’s hive but he is most certainly the man behind the turn of American, modern beekeeping.

Langstroth died October 6, 1895 but his hive’s influence has survived nearly 165 years since it’s design in 1852.  His personal influence on modern beekeeping may be nearly immortalized in comparison.

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