Thar bee a new Beehooligan on the podcast

Debbie Horne is an admin on the sooper dooper Facebook group, “Beekeeping Techniques”.  She’s also an accomplished third year beekeeper who likes to chase cutouts and swarms.

Lil Deb-bee’s fb profile pic beecuz she wouldn’t let us use another one.

Best of all, she ain’t worried none by the likes of our Beehooligans.  When she first made a guest appearance on the podcast, she put Yappy in his place.  On her next appearance, she not only was the only other person on air besides Big Bear, she put him in his place too.

The Beehooligans might find their shenanigans yanked out from under them, or worse, turned against them and hilarity will ensue.  Whether putting them fellas in check or out rascalling them, it looks that this is one lady beek that can hold her own.

Welcome to the Bee Smart beekeeping project Lil Deb-bee and may the force bee with you.

Bee Smart with the Beehooligans, Episode 22

  • Yappy, Antnee G, Tony S, and a “never too late” jump in by Schawee.
Hive Management is the general topic, vaguely…

*When to add space to the hive
*What is a “strong” colony
*A Washboarding theory by Yappy
*The “Treatment vs No Treatment” scuttlebut
*Big Bear throwing down against hive problems
*Newbee time with Antnee G: Feeding hives, Ants, How to spot a flow

A Beehooligans Podcontest

That’s right friends and neighbors, we are going to get the real deal kicked off and have ourselves a contest.  Let’s find out how much you pay attention to the Beehooligans.

This Saturday we will post a question about something discussed by one of the Beehooligans during a previous podcast.  It can come from any of the podcasts up until this last one.   We will give a clue about the episode the quote or comment came from but we won’t actually give the episode name or number.

The first person to reply in the comments section of the post with the correct answer to the question will bee the big winner.  The prize will be announced in the clue post.

Come on you rascals, show us how well you know these Beehooligans and win some Bee Smart Swag.

Podcast Peculiarities

Hey folks,  I apologize that the podcast hasn’t gotten posted for a bit.  I’m working on a tech glitch that doesn’t want to go away.  I should have the next episodes up shortly that will be available regularly again.

I always try to remind folks, we’re professional beekeepers here, not professional podcasters so there is still a bit of a learning curve.  Thanks for sticking with us though.