Bee Smart Presents: The Bee Smart Revue

I am proud to announce a new podcast offering from us here at the Bee Smart beekeeping project.

It will bee posted weekly and feature none other than yours truly, Bubba Bee as the host.  That’s right, Big Bear gave me my own podcast.  Poor fella is just that over-worked.  Either that or just that desperate for content.  Either way, you’ll bee able to hear me a buzzing at you every week discussing the various topics that we have posted on the website here, finding more out about the Beehooligans as I chat with them one at a time, and a little bit of insight on how life is inside the hive.

The Bee Smart Revue will bee aired live every Wednesday morning to brighten your hump day and help you get through the week.  That’s right, it will bee a live show and you will bee able to log in and ask questions and chat with me.  How’s that sound for a fun time?

More information will bee posted here on the website as details such as times and ways to contact me during the show come available.

Bee Smart Podcast Episode 6; Beekeeping Books with Dean Stiglitz

This week the Bee Smart crew had Dean Stiglitz, Co-Author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Beekeeping” (Hey, I resemble that remark!) with Laurie Herboldsheimer, sit in on the podcast to chat about all things beekeeping books.  We covered everything front print books to Audio books and beeing who we are, also get sidetracked.  That’s what we do.

Listen to “Episode 6 -Bee Books Special Guest Dean Stiglitz” on Spreaker.

Bee Smart Weekly Podcast: Episode 5 – Bee Friendly Land Management

Episode 5 of the Bee Smart Weekly Podcast is out! This week we had the crew most of the time, though adapting to the tech is an ongoing process and some of them had “technical difficulties”.

A special guest sitting in this week is John Winkler from the Papio-Missouri River Natural Resourced District in Sarpy County Nebraska. John and the gang over there are tremendously interested in keeping the public lands they manage “Bee Friendly” and talked with the crew about working land to benefit pollinators such as bees.

Listen to “Episode 5- Land Management with Special Guest John Winkler” on Spreaker.

The Bee Smart Podcast Crew Has A New Regular – YappyBeeman

Beecause we’re always looking for awesome people who can have fun in this wild beekeeping world we work in, JP brought us a fella who’s a natural fit for the Bee Smart Podcast Crew.

Beginning soon, “Yappy” AKA Travis Ulbrich, will bee joining us on the weekly podcast and you will find select examples of his work among our various and sundry postings. with plenty of links to show you even more of the cool stuff he does with bees.

Thank you for stepping in to the Bee Smart community and Yappy, we know you’ll bee right at home here.


Bee Smart Podcast Project: Advanced Bee Culture

The Bee Smart beekeeping project is all about bring useful, informative and entertaining (hopefully) content about all things bees, beekeepers and beekeeping.

In the spirit of all of the above, I am proud to announce the “audio” recording of the book “Advanced Bee Culture” by W.Z. Hutchinson.  This is the second edition published in 1911 and edited by E.R. Root of the A.I. Root Company.

Unlike traditional audio book recordings, each chapter will be recorded as one episode here until the book is completed.

I hope you enjoy hearing this book as you drive, or sit back and relax.  It happens to be one of my personal favorites containing a great deal of information still pertinent and relevant today.

Look for the posting of the Introduction and Chapter One Thursday, January 19 and hopefully every Thursday afterward the next chapters will be posted here on the Bee Smart website.

The Weekly Bee Smart Podcast, update 2

We have some more information.  The episodes will begin on Saturday January 7th 2017 and will be posted every Saturday by 12:00 p.m. CST thereafter.

We have a great panel of podcasters to introduce to you in January.  Big Bear, Tony Gaines will bee hosting regularly with Jeff Armstrong AKA JPtheBeeMan joining the panel in the second episode and thereafter with somewhat regularity.

We’ll spend January introducing you to our regular podcast panelists and in February, we’ll begin to invite guest panelists to sit in on the discussions with us.  I’m very excited to say we have a great start to our lineup of guest panelists so far for February 2017.  Kim Flottum from Bee Culture Magazine will bee joining us.  John Winkler from the Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District in Eastern Nebraska will join us also.  I’m also looking forward to having Guy Shingleton, inventor and distributor of the terrific Colorado Bee Vac sitting in with us as well.

Keep in mind that we really won’t be doing “interviews” as you know them typically.  Our guest panelists are invited to sit in on the discussion of topics we have for that particular episode.  Of course, don’t bee surprised to notice that some of the topics discussed just happen to bee right up the alley of the guest panelist we have on a given episode.

The topics in each episode will range from news to Q&A to “Behind The Scenes” stories and who knows what else we will get into.  Just know that it will always have a bearing, directly or indirectly on bees, beekeepers and beekeeping in some way.