Bee Smart Quiz B1

Question #1: The crop (honey stomach) is located in the abdomen.

BUZZ!  Sorry.

Question #2: Nassanoff glands or scent glands are found in all honey bee castes.

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Question #3: The front and hind wings on each side of the bee are coupled together during flight.

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Question #4: Honey bees have two types of eyes.

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Question #5: The scent or Nassanoff Gland is found in the worker’s:

BUZZ!  Sorry.

Question #6: The simple eyes (ocelli) analyze polarized light, thus permitting the bee to use the sun’s position as a compass during flight.

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Question #7: Honey bees cannot perceive airborne sound.

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Question #8: Honey bees survive the winter by becoming inactive and going into diapause.

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Question #9: The honey bee has ________eyes.

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Question #10: Wax glands are located within the thorax.

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