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27/10/2017 12:56 pm  

There have to be rules.  Especially in areas dedicated to scientific discussion.  Here is what is expected of people posting in the Melittology area here.

  • Bee objective - Nothing should be personal here, it is only information.  Don't take it personal, don't make it personal.
  • Bee prepared to be questioned - There is no such thing in a scientific discussion area as "settled" science.  Science requires an ever changing influx of information, data, facts, etc... and much, if not most, of those are dependent on ever changing technology that allows us to research and investigate in ways that were previously inaccessible.  What may have seemed "resolved" yesterday, may just be turned on it's head the next day just because a new tool for research made a major impact.
  • Bee respectful - Just because someone posts information that disagrees with a position you maintain doesn't mean it's time to start a war.  If you disagree, disagree with the information, the way it was collected, analyzed, even presented... but DO NOT attack the individual.
  • Bee Honest - Let's not try to pass off opinion and conjecture as facts.  It's OK to present an idea or information that is theory, an educated guess or a reasoned idea.  Please make sure to identify it as such.  Facts are facts, truth is truth and anything else is what it is.   Go ahead, toss your ideas, thinking, reasoning out there, just do not try to pass it off as established fact unless you have the evidence and citations to back it up.
  • Bee Open Minded - We try to encourage people to being willing to consider other information.  To think more of probabilities rather than possibility.  Some things may seem so improbable as to be impossible. Then again, history is replete with examples of things people once thought as "impossible" only to discover that not only was it possible, it was highly probable given the right circumstances or technology.


No kidding here, please mind the above "rules" beecause should we find people going outside of them, those people won't bee posting in here very much longer.

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