A new Beehooligan is among us  


Big Bear
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03/08/2017 4:01 am  

We have a new Beehooligan on the podcast as a regular.  Her name is Debbie Horne and she is a third year beekeeper.  I liked having Debbie on the podcast from the first time she appeared as a guest.  Smart, sassy, not afraid to speak her mind among a bunch of rascals that play with bees.

Her experience with beekeeping is in-line with a lot of our listeners and you will appreciate what she brings to the discussion.

All of the Beehooligans are involved on a purely voluntary basis (well, except for myself I guess) and participate in other areas of the Bee Smart beekeeping project as they have the time, opportunity and interest.  Some are podcast only.  Others are on the podcast and participate as a mod in one of the social media sites like Facebook or Google Plus.  Some even participate here in the forums here and posting on the website.

However else Debbie finds herself involved here at Bee Smart, I have no doubt that she will only make it better.  Listen to the upcoming podcasts and listen in as all of us go out of ours way to make Debbie feel right at home.