Beeing a different kind of podcast  


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22/07/2017 7:21 pm  

If there's anything the boss hates most, it's being redundant.  Bee Smart is meant to inform and entertain all kinds of people, not just beekeepers.  Why such a wide trget audience?  Beecause most podcasts and websites that talk about bees and beekeeping focus primarily on beekeepers.

Not us though!  We want to get all kinds of apiphiles involved here whether from a gardening perspective, honey consuming, beeswax crafts, or yes, beekeeping.

So you ask me, what has all this got to do with the Beehooligans podcast?  Much of what the website does is built around the podcast and the videos.  We want to include not just the beekeepers perspective but others who are involved in other aspects of the bee.

So we want to find guests for the podcast that are notably awesome and slightly skewed beekeepers but chefs who focus on cooking with honey and horticulturalists and people who make and sell beeswax soap and candles and skin creams, etc...

let us know about people who stand out in any of these areas so that we can get them on the podcast or in a video or something.