Episode 15  


Bubba Bee
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04/04/2017 12:03 pm  

Please feel welcome to post your comments, questions, etc... about this episode in here.  Hopefully, the Beehooligans will drop in and share their thoughts on it as well if they aren't too busy rounding up more hives.

If you haven't heard this awesome episode yet, you can hear it on our podcast page here at the Bee Smart beekeeping project.

Big Bear
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04/04/2017 12:06 pm  

We recorded Episode 15 today.  Lots of fun stuff.  Had to get a couple screenshot of a couple of our Beehooligans on Skype while we chatted. 

And you wonder why we're called Beehooligans...  Yappy had to get all googly eyed on us and Schawee had his raccoon all over him.  You'll hear all about it when the episode comes out.


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