New format for the Podcast  


Bubba Bee
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23/10/2017 11:47 am  

Hey folks, we're looking to change things up a bit in how we go about getting this podcast back up and running.

We still plan to have our current roster of Beehooligans available to sit in as they are able to, but with less pressure on them and their schedules.  

What we intend to do is set this up as a local live round tale discussion with a few bee folks from around the Omaha, NE metro area and any visitors who happen to be passing through and want to sit in on a recording with us.

Another change is that the podcast will record every two weeks instead of every week.

We'd love to hear from you and if you can sit in on one of the podcast recordings, we want you here with us.

Big Bear
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29/10/2017 5:18 am  

The new podcast will be available Tuesday, October 31st.  The first return will be a return to the 30 minute format and will focus on anything to do with bees, beekeeping and things related to or resulting from those.

Because it is the nature of the Bee Smart beekeeping project to inform, educate and make those interesting and fun whenever possible, the episodes are going to follow the general theme-of-the-week on the website here.

For example, this coming week will have a focus on honey bee taxonomy.  The podcast will discuss that, among other things.


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