Meet The Beehooligans

The Beehooligans

A rollicking bunch of creative, professional apiarists whose talents and personalities always seem to place them at the front lines of beekeeping adventure.

These folks make up the loose, collaborative “network” we call the Beehooligans.  From blog posts and articles to YouTube videos, a weekly podcast and spanning social media, they are making things happen.

From offering professional services to beekeeping instruction, the gathered experience they bring to the table would be considered formidable if their “rowdyness” wasn’t the entertaining distraction that makes them so followable.

Here is your current list of Beehooligans, as more become involved and participate in this informational and entertaining network, we’ll add them to this listing.

The Bee Smart “Beehooligans” Crew

Tony “Big Bear” Sandoval – Professional Apiarist, Apiary Engineer and Beekeeping Instructor @ Metro Community College.  BBE-Tech Apiary Services (Omaha,NE): Bee Smart Producer, Director, Podcast and Writing contributor.  402-370-8018  Big Bear isn’t as much of a video guy, but more of a writer.  He’s been published in Bee Culture magazine and some agricultural magazines as well on the topic of beekeeping.  He has this crazy idea that if you put the necessary resources where they can bee accessible and educate people on them, people can bee successful and have fun if only they take the initiative to step up to the table.

Anthony “AntNee” Gaines – Apprentice Beekeeper. Professional Photographer.  Anthony Gaines Photography (Bellevue, NE): Photography Director, Camera Operator, Video contributor and Bee Smart Podcast Crew.  Anthony is a retired Omaha Firefighter (You go homebee!) and is the Bee Smart crew’s resident newbee.  He is letting the world watch as he enters the magical world of beekeeping.

Jeff “JPtheBeeMan” Armstrong -Professional Apiarist, Pest Control Specialist.  Armstrong’s Exterminating & Bee Removal (Metairie, LA): Video and Bee Smart Podcast Crew.  See JP’s Videos on his YouTube Channel.  JP is a live bee removal specialist.  He is also half of the YouTube duo known as “The Bickering Beekeepers” that has become so popular at an international level.

Bruce “Schawee” Scharwath – Professional Apiarist.  Video and Bee Smart Podcast Crew.  See Schawee’s videos on his YouTube Chanel.  Schawee is not only a pro queen rearer and bee removal specialist, he hunts gators in Louisiana swamps when he’s bored.  He is the other half of the “Bickering Beekeepers” and don’t you dare get in the way of his getting a vanilla shake.

Travis “Yappy Beeman” Ulrich – Professional Apiarist. Bee Smart Podcast Crew.  See Yappy’s videos on his YouTube Channel.  Yappy is a Firefighter (That’s right, we collect Firefighter beekeepers beecause they’re kewl) in his community and has been hanging out with the likes of “The Bickering Beekeepers” to either improve his live bee removal skills or punish himself for past crimes in another life.  We’re still figuring it out.  Yappy also Does Business As Alabama Bee Rescue (visit the website here) doing professional swarm captures and structural live bee removals.

Debbie Horne -An admin on the Bee Smart beekeeping project fb group and a third year beekeeper in her own right.  Debbie made her first appearance on the Beehooligans podcast in July 2017 as a guest of our own Yappy Beeman.

In addition to being hooked on bees, she runs her own business as a graphic designer full time to boot, as if bees weren’t enough.  Her business, “Livingstone Graphics” can be found online at her website here.