Bee Accountable

As hobbyists and professionals in beekeeping, we have a great many options available to us in the decisions we need to make relating to the environment in which we keep our bees and the goals and objectives we have established for determining our success in beekeeping.

There are a great many things we can blame failure on when it comes to bees…  Lack of forage, weather, pests and predators, disease and injury.  The list can seem endless at times as we struggle in our efforts to keep bees healthy and alive, let alone thriving.

It is perhaps our biggest blind spot and our greatest failure when we are inattentive and lazy in our beekeeping.  There are many things that happen that can be pinned on ignorance.  We just didn’t know or realize.  This is always going to happen in beekeeping.  There is still so much we don’t know about bees despite the growing amount of research that has been done and continues to be done.

However, there are things we do know.  Things we choose to ignore for who knows what reason or excuse.  Choosing to be ignorant when we know the information is available but requires effort is one example.  Allowing ourselves to be distracted from our tasks and duties in beekeeping when we know they should be done is another.

Failure to anticipate potential problems because we didn’t plan properly ahead of time or at all.  This might be the one that gets us the most.  There are problems that arise in beekeeping that are preventable.  Lack of available food and water, inadequate hive ventilation, an excessive amount of space for too small a population.  Many times, perhaps most of the time we see these thing, they are preventable.  Had we been diligent and informed and making an active effort in our beekeeping duties they likey can have been prevented.

Accountability to our bees is important.  We owe it to ourselves and those colonies to put forth our best effort in trying to prevent all that we can prevent.  There are enough things beyond our control that we have to simply be responsive to in order to avoid disaster in beekeeping.  Poor planning, laziness, and unnecessary ignorance shouldn’t add to that already too large pile of trouble.

Bee honest with ourselves.  Bee accountable to our bees.

Bee Smart.