Big Bear’s Beekeeping Advice For New Beekeepers

Don’t listen to me.

That’s my advice, right there.

I don’t advise new beekeepers.  There’s no point in my adding to the confusion and overwhelm of someone just beginning beekeeping.

I teach beekeeping classes, do presentations and offer hands-on apprenticeship opportunities for people interested in apiculture.  Could be beginners, could be long timers.  Who knows.  I have information and experience that can be valuable and I make them available.

The advice I give here or in person is for each individual beekeeper I happen to be talking to at the moment.  It’s my experience that every beekeeper will have somewhat separate and distinct circumstances and goals that will generally need to have specific information for each one.

Yes, there are many common things to be known about bees and beekeeping.  Those commonalities are what make beekeeping such a shareable experience.

But for all this commonalities, apiculture becomes a unique and individualized experience as well.  One that merits well thought out advise if one is to advise others to being successful.

So, if you are a “Newbee” I hope you find this website useful and maybe even fun from time to time.  However, if you are looking for information and advice geared specifically to new beekeepers, this isn’t the place.  There are literally hundreds of websites and thousands of books and other resources targeted to new beekeepers that will do that job as well or better than I could here.

I do invite you to ask questions and share your experiences in beekeeping in the forums here.  I will do my best to continue to share what I intend to be useful posts and resources that beekeepers at any level or intent can find beneficial.

So in a nutshell, if you’re looking for good, specific new beekeeping advice, don’t ask me.  I’ll just mess with your head.