Bee Smart Presents: The Bee Smart Revue

I am proud to announce a new podcast offering from us here at the Bee Smart beekeeping project.

It will bee posted weekly and feature none other than yours truly, Bubba Bee as the host.  That’s right, Big Bear gave me my own podcast.  Poor fella is just that over-worked.  Either that or just that desperate for content.  Either way, you’ll bee able to hear me a buzzing at you every week discussing the various topics that we have posted on the website here, finding more out about the Beehooligans as I chat with them one at a time, and a little bit of insight on how life is inside the hive.

The Bee Smart Revue will bee aired live every Wednesday morning to brighten your hump day and help you get through the week.  That’s right, it will bee a live show and you will bee able to log in and ask questions and chat with me.  How’s that sound for a fun time?

More information will bee posted here on the website as details such as times and ways to contact me during the show come available.