Bee Smart Podcast Episode 6; Beekeeping Books with Dean Stiglitz

This week the Bee Smart crew had Dean Stiglitz, Co-Author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Beekeeping” (Hey, I resemble that remark!) with Laurie Herboldsheimer, sit in on the podcast to chat about all things beekeeping books.  We covered everything front print books to Audio books and beeing who we are, also get sidetracked.  That’s what we do.

Listen to “Episode 6 -Bee Books Special Guest Dean Stiglitz” on Spreaker.

Welcome to 2017 and the Bee Smart beekeeping project content kickoff

This is the moment we have been waiting for for almost three months now.  The content kickoff for this, the Bee Smart beekeeping project.

We have been recording podcasts, creating videos and working on download-able content to help people interested in bees, beekeepers and beekeeping to be successful in their individual efforts.  Now we are here at last!

This week, we will post the very first official Bee Smart Weekly Podcast.  The weekly podcasts will in fact be posted every Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. CST.

This first week of January 2017 will also see the post of the first bee Smart beekeeping book review.  All scheduled feature articles will be posted on Thursdays.

Yes, we do have a video ready to release this week as well.  That video and all featured video content will be posted to our YouTube channel and linked here to the website on Tuesday mornings.  There may be some extra video content posted occasionally in between times, but the featured and planned content is scheduled for Tuesday release.

We already have some useful downloadable documents in pdf format on the Downloads page here.  There is an Apiarist plan form, which is designed to help beekeepers know upfront what their beekeeping goals, objectives, strategies and tactics will be for the upcoming year.  Having an Apiarist Plan is helpful in knowing what kind of materials, equipment, etc… as well as what and how you plan to do to handle critical issues in your beekeeping BEFORE you have to figure those things out at the last second, often too late.

There is an Apiary plan form ready to download as well.  This form helps beekeepers know the details for what they plan to have and do in each location they will be keeping bees in.  Again, with good planning ahead of time, this can help beekeepers respond to issues better, sooner and more effectively.

Thirdly, there is the Bee Smart Hive Inspection form that beekeepers can download and print out.  This is a three page form that walks the beekeeper through each phase of a hive inspection in the order of the inspection process.  A great help to new beekeepers not sure when to do something or what to do.  This is also beneficial to experienced beekeepers as a way to help stay on track with an inspection and to not forget or overlook any details that might not get looked at due to becoming pre-occupied or otherwise distracted.  That happens easily when you have a box full of sting capable honey bees in front of you.

There will be more useful resources made available as time goes on for you to download and make use of.  Books in pdf format, planning forms, guides and other vastly useful materials.

Welcome to the new year and enjoy the adventure here on the Bee Smart beekeeping project.

Beekeeping Book Reviews

Welcome to a new feature of the Bee Smart website.  The Bee Smart project is essentially made up of three parts.  There is the Video component which focuses on presentation.  There are the podcasts which focus on articulation.  The third, the website here, is mostly focused on collation.  That is, the collection and arrangement of information in such a way as to be useful.

One of the best uses of the blog section of this website is to bring you information about resources as we come across them.  Reviewing books is an excellent example of just that.  We plan to review new books, old books and all beekeeping books in between.

Keeping in line with the goals of the Bee Smart project, when books are reviewed, we want to judge based on overall usefulness, accuracy of information, and if it’s entertaining or not.

So, there will bee 3 grade areas of 1 to 5 bees for each.  1 beeing worst and 5 being best.  You will see how well each book scores in accuracy and information, interest value and entertainment and practicality or how well a reader can realistically apply or put to use what they get from the book.

In addition, each book will get an overall average of the 3 scoring areas.

In presenting each books, reviews will include notes or specific examples of the things being described to help our website readers see how or why the reviewer came to their conclusions.

We have currently a few people who will bee writing these reviews but we welcome our community members to “apply” as it were to bee a or “the” official book reviewer(s) for the Bee Smart project.

If you want to read beekeeping books and review them here, send a review based on the above described methods for doing reviews to: tuned, the first review debuts on Thursday, December 29th.