Intern/Apprentice Opportunity For Apiary Planning Session

This Saturday, January 27 at 1pm, there is an open Intern/Apprentice opportunity available to learn about and assist in an apiary planning session at and for the new teaching apiary, Bee Joyful Apiary, at Scatter Joy Acres in the Florence neighborhood of Omaha, NE.

We will be outdoors, dress for the weather.  Interns come in at $7.50/person and Apprentices are $15.00/person.

Interns are observing and able to ask questions.  Apprentices will be given opportunities to participate in the process with direction from Apiarist.

Call 402-370-8018 to get more information.   Ask for Tony.

Phenology, a study about recurring natural events

Yes, Phenology is really science.  Don’t confuse it with “Phrenology” in which people try to “read” a person by feeling the bumps on their head.  “Phenology” studies naturally recurring events like the timing of insects emerging and plants blooming, etc… at certain times of the season every year or repeating schedule.

This is something useful for beekeepers to know because our bees are dramatically affected by the blooming of flowers and the time of emergence of certain pests and predators.  It’s well worth learning more about.

As a matter of fact, a really nice article on Phenology appeared in Bee Culture magazine a couple of years ago (Bee Culture, April 2015) written by Denise Ellsworth at Ohio State University, dept of entomology.

The Bee Culture article was mostly talking about an online calendar created at Ohio State University that Ohio beekeepers and others can use for planning their planting and knowing more about what’s growing and blooming at a given time of year.

The article also discussed something called “Growing Degree Days”  which can help people figure out important planting and bloom times in their locality.

If you include IPM as part of your beekeeping planning, this may bee useful to you.

Watch a video about Phenology from Ohio State University below.

Check out the Ohio State University Bee Lab webpage to see more cool bee info.

Visit the Bee Culture magazine website to see all the way cool beekeeper awesomeness that Kim Flottum puts there to fill our heads.