What’s the point?

So, the Bee Smart beekeeping project and that goes into it here…   What’s the point of it all when there are so many other beekeeping websites out there?  I ask myself this every so often.

I am always come back to the notion that I believe that there are things about bees and beekeeping that can be introduced and communicated differently, if not better in general.

The one thing about the web is that it contains so much information yet in many ways, so little context.  People can do a Google search on seconds to get information yet still not understand it because it lacks context and perspective.  In some cases, it does get presented with context and perspective but sadly, in a way that leaves people no better off or with any better understanding than before.  In some cases, even in a worse place.

Also, Bee Smart beekeeping project is here to entertain and inform anyone who wants to understand bees and beekeeping better not just a specific group.  I want to help non beekeepers understand every bit as much as I want beekeepers of any skill level to understand.

I just hope to do so in a way that isn’t necessarily the same way as everywhere else on the internet.  That is from the perspective of beekeeping as a professional trade.    The Point of presenting information to you about bees and beekeeping isn’t so much as to influence anyone to being pro this or anti that.  It’s more of a “here’s what it is, here’s how it works, here are the pro’s and con’s of it.”

The goal is to help people be successful.  To be successful in anything to do with bees or beekeeping, you have to be informed and you have to be interested.  The Bee Smart approach to achieving being informed is to provide you with as accurate and honest information as possible.

The way we address being interested is to present the information in an entertaining (we hope) way.  When people are having fun with something, they pay more attention and usually remember it better.

Anything you can access on this website is zero cost to you.  Listen to the podcasts, watch videos, read articles and posts, download useful documents, interact on the forums.  No charge.

I have a Patreon page for people who beelieve in what I am doing here and their support helps make it possible to make everything available at no upfront cost.  I hope to get more Patreon supporters so that I can offer better quality content and more of it.  In order to get more people to become Patreon supporters, they have to beelieve in the Bee Smart beekeeping project and what it’s trying to achieve also.

Thanks to everyone who is visiting us here and finding this content useful, informative and entertaining.  Thank you greatly to our Patreon supporters for continuing to help us make it happen.


Bee Smart Presents: Tees for Bees

We are engaged in planning the first ever mini golf tournament to generate revenues and increase awareness about bees and beekeeping.

Some of the revenues will be donated to the Nebraska Extension program for Bee research and beekeeper education.

This, the first tournament, will bee held in the Omaha, NE greater metro area.  Subsequent tournaments may be held in other locations or multiple locations simultaneously as things progress.

The Bee Smart “Tees for Bees” mini golf tournament is currently in planning and details will be released when they beecome available.

Bee A Supporter

There are so many people I get to talk with who want to know how they can do something to help bees.  Anything except be a beekeeper that is.

I understand.  Beekeeping isn’t something for everyone.  It takes just the right amount of agricultural interest combined with various degrees of insanity to want to be a beekeeper.

But still, the next best to help bees is to help beekeepers and bee-friendly gardeners and people who use hive products is to help them to bee more successful.

Help them to learn to bee better at what they do.  Help them have access to the resources that can help them bee more successful.  What better, more rewarding, and more fun way to do that than to bee a Bee Smart Patron?

A Bee Smart Patron is part making a donation and part being a subscriber to the “Bee Smart beekeeping project”.  When you go to our Patreon page and click the button to become a Patron, you can choose to support us at the $2.50, $5.00 pr $10.00 per month levels.  By supporting our ongoing efforts to inform, educate and entertain on all things bees and beekeeping, you help those beekeepers and people using hive products to make things and people who grow gardens using bee pollination to have those tools, information and resources and bee better.

At the same time, you become a subscriber to the Patron only Bee Smart Monthly Newsletter.  You get access to Patron only areas of the member forums at the Bee Smart website.  You even get discounts and special content just for being a Patron.

Helping bees and having access to the inside, down-low beehind the scenes activity of some of the coolest, most publicly interactive beekeepers in the country.  That’s what you are getting for such a small amount per month.

How awesome can you bee?

Don’t forget to share the link to the Bee Smart website and all the awesome stuff like podcasts, videos, downloads and bee article posts we add to daily.  the more visitors we have, the more people we bee useful too.

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