Teaching Apiary

The Bee Joyful Teaching Apiary

Located on the Scatter Joy Acres program site in the Florence area of Omaha, NE, I am collaborating with Joy Bartlett and the rest of the Scatter Joy team to set up a teaching apiary.  This will add to the opportunities for youth and others to learn about beeing successful and self sufficiency on the farm.

The teaching apiary will be managed by Tony “Big Bear” Sandoval.  The youth and others that interact with Scatter Joy Acres will be able to watch and learn about bees and becoming a beekeeper while the honey and beeswax that are harvested from the hives will help in crafts and fundraising for Scattered Joy Acres.

You Can Help

This program is starting from the ground level and can benefit from all the help we can muster from the Omaha area community.


While money is always a useful resource to a non-profit program like Scatter Joy Acres, in an endeavor such as this, the donation of hive equipment, beekeeping safety gear such as hats, veils, suits and jackets and the beekeeping tools such as smokers, hive tools, even rolls of screen are extremely helpful in starting up a unique and productive project like this.

Please let Joy at Scatter Joy Acres know if you are able to contribute to making this teaching apiary a success with a donation or if you know of a local business or organization that will bee of help as well.


The “Beehooligans” are the members who come to learn, practice and collaborate to rescue, relocate, and help maintain the teaching apiary on-site at Scatter Joy Acres.

By contributing $10.00/month to Scatter Joy Acres, you can bee part of the team to get hands-on practice, consulting and advice, sit in on recording the twice a month podcast and be invited to participate in some special Beehooligans only activities, events, and shenanigans.


Bee Joyful Apiary Management and Operation

The point of the teaching apiary is to provide opportunities for people to learn about beekeeping and build applied beekeeping skills through hands-on practice.   Practice is like building muscle memory.  The more you do things and practice doing them the right way, a beekeeper builds good habits and gets to the point of being able to multi-task better.  Better multi-tasking in the apiary allows you to be more productive and being more aware.

The question has been asked enough times, I’ll answer it here.  The reason there are session fees is because while this is a teaching apiary, it is also a production apiary used to produce honey and beeswax for fundraising and crafts purposes in support of Scatter Joy Acres.  Your coming to learn and practice here is welcome and desired but keep in mind that you are here to practice and quite possibly make mistakes.  Those mistakes require the time of trained, experienced people with the equipment and tools necessary to get things fully functional again.

This apiary is managed and operated by Tony “Big Bear” Sandoval as  BBE-Tech and the Bee Smart beekeeping project.  For more information on being a part of the ongoing project and a member of the training group, please call Tony at 402-370-8018.